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Winter Wedding Floral Arches – Inspired by London Design Week

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Posted on October 05, 2015

Almost two weeks since we visited Decorex, the beautiful floral entrance that we were all so overwhelmed with, is still playing on our minds. Described by the Telegraph as one of the hippest young florists in London, Hattie Fox ( was asked to design the entrance to one of the largest Interiors Trade shows in the UK. Miss Fox’s style consistently emulates that of the iconic British Garden, and it stimulated both our studio and our latest concepts for the winter wedding season.

Flower Arch

Typically, floral arches are associated with summer weddings, however Hattie’s creation at Decorex emulates woodland, and would fit perfectly as an eerie entrance to a winter wedding designed by Becca Jordan Design. The arch at the entrance to the show inspired all of us to look at how we can create the perfect floral arch for a picturesque winter wedding. Who said that floral arches weren’t for the winter season too?


Arches created predominantly out of bare trees, twigs and foliage scream ‘Winter Wedding’, but remember to introduce other elements to the arch, otherwise it will look more wraithlike than wonderland. Silver birch trees will add glimmers of silver, which compliment exquisitely with the soft ice cool essences of Eucalyptus. Add in textured twigs and subtle hints of mauve petals for a beautifully soft yet mystic floral arch for either the guest entrance or backdrop to the Bride and Groom.

winter wedding arch


You would usually see a floral arch either bordering an entrance door or at the end of the ceremony space, just behind the Bride and Groom. Should you wish to use purely twigs for that really rustic wintery feel, but still want to make a huge impact within the room, why not arch the entire space with twigs. All the walls and ceiling would need to be covered in textured twigs and twine, with little flowers poking through the twigs on the wall and lots of festoon lights and tea lights hanging from the twigs on the ceiling. This would create the most magical winter wonderland space and could be achieved both in a marquee and venue, providing the venue allowed use of candles!

winter room arch


It is tricky to get flowers right within floral arches, as you do not want to overload or not use enough. White flowers for a white winter wedding alongside deeper darker tones of foliage creates a simple yet sparkling entrance to your winter wedding. Make sure to stay away from red and vibrant green, unless the green is a soft pastel mint emulating from the foliage otherwise the wedding will look Christmas themed rather than classy. This soft simple and beautiful floral framing piece from Flower by Passion is a beautiful way of introducing rustic into winter wedding.


A floral arch creates a fantastic centerpiece and feature at a wedding, the warmth of the flowers warming up the space they are framing. Perhaps you are getting married in a country house and typically they are old, cold buildings with cold windows (single glazed) as one of our team members would say. More often than not, doors to a country house are square and can be difficult to frame with an arch of flowers. The space within the house where the ceremony is held is often transformed later on in the day to hold the reception – you wouldn’t want to have an arch of flowers as a backdrop to the Bride and Groom for the ceremony and not be able to use it later on in the day. If this is the case, there are other ways of creating floral masterpieces.

winter wedding floral centrepieces

The centre point of a country house is often a staircase and so by adorning it with foliage, soft sublte white petals and lots of candles you can create a just as jaw dropping display this way as you could with a floral arch. This would work perfectly both as the backdrop to the bride walking down the stairs and the much needed wow entrance for guests as they first walk into the building.

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