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Posted on October 14, 2015

Last Wednesday ‘Stylist’ issued a quiz to find out what type of wine you were. We loved the idea and thought we would sneakily adapt it to Weddings, posting on a Wednesday to thank Stylist for the creative thought.

As a newly engaged couple, or perhaps just a wedding fanatic, it is sometimes extremely difficult to figure out what type of wedding style best suits both of your personalities combined. The common phrase we all hear is that we find our love like chalk and cheese, so how are we ever going to come to a happy medium on what type of wedding to start planning. Lots of people sadly start out planning the day they think will make their dreams come true, only to get 6 months down the line, not a lot of spare change left and realise that they are not in love with the wedding they are organising. We have comprised a quiz, including all the questions we would usually get to know the answers to throughout the time we are helping to plan our couples weddings. By asking these questions, we get know the real person behind the story and it’s those little things that we get to know that make the planning process so perfect.

Inquisitive, Indecisive or simply not sure what style of wedding you would like to plan? Take our bespoke wedding quiz to find out which wedding style best represents you. Simply answer the questions and total up your scores.

1. Are you…

  • Male (3)
  • Female (0)

2. You’re ideal holiday would be…

  • To go to a remote island and spend your days with toes in the sand, romantic dinners and lots of wine (1)
  • To go on a city break exploring the wonders of the world, documenting your journey with snaps along the way (2)
  • Going to a 5* resort on the hillside overlooking the sea, recuperating and relaxing (3)

3. Did you grow up…

  • Religiously? (1)
  • Not at all religiously (2)

4. How would your work colleagues describe you?

  • Neat, organised and a fair thinker (2)
  • Focused and get the job done type of person (3)
  • A bit scatty working in an organised mess (1)
  • Demanding yet low achieving (4)

5. Your favourite alcoholic drink is…

  • A crisp glass of wine (1)
  • Juicy, fruity cocktail (0)
  • Anything on the rocks (2)

6. You painted your first real bedroom…

  • White (3)
  • Inky Blue (0)
  • Grey (2)
  • Red (2)

7. Females – Do you wear?

  • Dresses and tights in winter, skirts and bare legs in summer (1)
  • Trousers in winter, shorts in summer (2)

Males – Do you wear? 

  • Shirts and suits – tailored and smart (2)
  • T-shirts and trainers – cool, very cool (0)

8. If cooking a steak (or a vegetarian replacement) you would…

  • Pair it with Kale (1)
  • Add a Side of Green Beans (3)
  • Of course have it with chips (2)

9. You take your coffee…

  • In an espresso cup (2)
  • You don’t drink coffee (2)
  • With milk and a shot of something sweet, or sugar if the place isn’t fancy (1)

10. It’s your friend’s birthday so you…

  • You take them out for dinner and buy a bottle of wine (3)
  • Make them something quirky and personal (1)
  • Head to the shops and pick up some gifts, beautifully gift wrapped of course (2)

11. Someone buys you a vase and so you…

  • Put it straight into the cupboard and never see it again (2)
  • Go out and buy some flowers for it (0)
  • Patiently wait until someone buys you a bunch (1)

12. You go to a guests house to stay and forget your towels. You expect…

  • That anything will do (1)
  • Egyptian cotton at least (3)
  • Something big enough to cover your body (2)

13. Your jewellery is…

  • Shiny and silver (3)
  • Glitzy and gold (3)
  • You don’t wear jewellery (1)

14. Your perfect takeaway would be…

  • Fish and Chips, and mushy peas and lots of vinegar (2)
  • A wholesome curry but no fingers (3)
  • Nothing but pizza, with meat toppings, vege toppings and in any shape – who said they had to be round (1)

15. Instead of staying in for dinner, you prefer to go out somewhere…

  • With lots of atmosphere so you can barely hear the people you are with (4) 
  • With lots of character, each person sits on a different type of chair and with too much more wine, you might start to get dizzy (2)
  • Relaxing, with neatly lined tables, soft music and to die for food (1)

16. Your favourite pet would be

  • A goldfish, simple and effortless (2)
  • A pug of course, who wouldn’t love to squish a squidgy face even more (1)
  • Absolutely no pets, who wants pets (2)

17. You are taking a selfie…

  • Being made to take a selfie more like (1)
  • You have to move because it’s not quite getting the right side of your face, or should we say best side (3)
  • So you stick out your tongue and pull the most ridiculous face ever (0)

Tot up your totals from the questions above and find out whether your more flirty romantic than contemporary chic.


We may not be right, but if you think we’re not then we have done our jobs, because you now know exactly what you don’t want, which means that you know exactly what you do.

Happy Planning!

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