Pricey London Rentals – How to create the look in your own home

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Posted on September 28, 2015

Last week, London’s most luxurious rental was announced by Homes & Property. The house standing in one of the most exclusive London boroughs, Mayfair, was not short of a fabulous interior most certainly fit for royalty. On the market for £216,000 per month some may say only affordable for royalty also.

Despite being way out of reach for most of our back pockets, no matter how deep we delve into them, throughout this week we will look at a few of London’s most expensive rentals and how to recreate the look in your own home.

Park Lane

Park Lane, W1

£40,000 per week

£173,333.33 per month

This four bedroomed, monochrome inspired penthouse comes complete with concierge, gym, maid, butler, cinema room and Aston Martin for the iconic British luxury touch.

Although we would all undoubtedly love private use of an Aston Martin, of which we can only suggest a toy version to compete, the clean lines and monochrome finish is what gives this property such grandeur. Monochrome done well creates both classy and understated elegance. By combining black and white through varying textures and fabrics, it takes the edge off the usually harsh neutral colours.

For the floor, effectively finished wooden flooring is a lot cheaper and easier to maintain over the years. Monochrome would usually require a ‘Wenge’ finish, and if you have the right budget, these look divine throughout the ground floor of a property. For those looking to spend elsewhere, painted Oak gives a similar elegant finish. We all want to rub our feet into a soft and comfortable surface after a really long day at the office, so throw in an oversized champagne chenille rug with a contrasting black leather trim, to bring the right amount of opulence to the room. An oversized rug can be found easily at the likes of John Lewis or Heals. Take it to your local upholsterer to add the leather trim.

Large Tray

Ottoman’s are a fantastic addition to the centre of a living room and can be doubled up as a coffee table. You may not have the same floor space as these high end London rentals and so therefore a flat topped ottoman from Furl ( works really well as it has storage to hide all those blankets, books and DVDs we want on a cozy winters evening but not whilst the in-laws are visiting. Add a Kelly Hoppen oversized tray ( filling it with a couple of candles, vase with a fresh white hydrangea ball and cup of tea or maybe even a crisp glass of white – of course we would want the wine to fit into the theme too.

The room should have a lounge feeling to it and this is as important as the styling. You have to feel comfortable in the space you are to relax in at the end of each evening. The ‘Era’ straight sofa from Camerich in stone velvet can be customized to suit any shaped room. Accessorise with black velvet cushions with contrast stone velvet piping for a complimenting finish. If your living room plays feature to a television, place the sofas at a 90-degree angle facing in the direction of the box. The third side of the square can be filled with two sleek, studded armchairs, preferably use a different material, so either a grey linen to soften and complete the look. Should the room be a sociable one, face the sofas opposite each other, complimented with two armchairs.


Monochrome should be styled with mirror, glass, lacquer, velvet, leather and a good collection of designer books. Flowers and artwork are both important finishing touches too. A row of white Calla Lilies in tall glass vases or Orchids sitting in mirrored pots will freshen up the room, a zebra print metallic artwork will add a little bit of fun.

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