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Posted on June 15, 2015

For those of you who have as big an obsession as our office do with ‘Orange is the new Black’, we thought we would share with you a few ways to bring both Orange and Black back into your homes to celebrate the start of the third season. Over the last couple of months, neutrals and pastel colours have been dominating our lives and we think its time for a crisp awakening input of bold.

Now of course we do not want our homes to start to look like a prison yard, nor do we condone the behavior that would allow you to pay a visit to one. However, Orange and Black can be stylish and sassy if used within accommodating and complimenting interiors.


Starting with Orange…

We have to be brave, bold and adventurous to introduce a vibrant colour such as orange into our spaces of relaxation, and that it why we suggest one baby step at a time. We would always start adding vivacious colours through accessorising, as it is much cheaper to change if it’s just not for you.

For the orange beginners, Terracotta would be the seamless shade to ease your way in. A subtler hue requires a bolder design, so a concrete bench would be the perfect addition to an all-neutral kitchen providing alternative and quirky seating at the table. You can have these custom made for your space, relatively low cost and polished to perfection.

Cut glass tumblers would also be the picture-perfect finish to any summer table, whether that be in door or out. Only a very small pop of colour, pair these with bunches of Orange Ranunculus, Dalmatian Peach Foxglove and wisps of white Astilbe, loosely tied with string and displayed in cut glass jars and bottles down the centre of the table.

Orange is a sassy colour, so work with it. Bring a little bit of fun back into a space with a giant oversized Anglepoise lamp. Not only does it introduce the vibrant colour using only one item, but would also allow for coupling with fun, exciting cushions and rugs. A zebra print hide and matching cushions would add a different texture and bring it…


…Back to Black

Grey has been the overriding interiors colour for a number of seasons and if paired together with varying shades of grey, it can start to look a little bit shabby chic – not necessarily the style everyone is going for. This is when we introduce black. Contrast is an absolute must within each individual room of a home. Start to introduce black into blank canvases of safe neutrals using various different textures.

Black lacquered framed mirrors; dining table chairs and side tables are great for a modern room that is missing its shine.

If a room is small and neutral, a wide black lacquer framed mirror will help to brighten the space and add an alternative texture.

Tom Dixon is winning with lighting at the moment, as he manages to bring the style back into black. Huge pendants with their copper and gold interiors create a beautiful accent within any room, whether grouped together, neatly lined in a row or used as a stand alone feature.

Stay clear of dull and remember it is the summer. Any accessory, regardless of the colour has to make us smile and remind us of why we feel in love with it in the first place. Not for everyone, the Marc Newson Orgone Chairs would allow for that statement feature piece and are either wacky or wonderful. We shall leave you to decide.


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