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Posted on August 11, 2015

Finally getting our feet off the ground, we thought it might be nice to introduce you to our brand and the meaning behind what and why we do what we do. When you think of design, most people add it on to the end of interiors – Interior Design. We have to admit, it is the first thing we did too. However, since launching we thought about what design really means and how we can relish in the fact that we are designers.


So after realising that if we wanted to be unforgettable, we had to be different, why not be everything that relates to design. We have experience within the affluent end of the wedding industry, where we have designed weddings for celebrities and businessmen alike, so we introduce to you Weddings by B. For those who already have a sense of style but just need a little bit of advice, why not allow people the option to choose that turn key service, so we introduce to you Styling by B. Of course, as designers, we will always be obsessed with interiors and so Interiors by B exists for those looking for exceptional designs for the interiors and styling of their homes.


From designing and styling apartments in New York to producing weddings all over London, Becca Jordan Design has mastered the art of design and styling.


We are designers. We live eat and sleep design and as you know design can be translated over lots of industries. Design is what lies at the heart of interiors, weddings and styling and based in London, our team have first hand access to the best urban inspiration a city can offer. We are avid believers of all things design and are passionate about what we do.


The definition of design is what defines us.


(v.) To plan and fashion artistically and skillfully

(n.) Purpose and planning that exists behind interiors, wedding and styling


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